Comake let's you easily manage multiple accounts for various Apps, including Apps like Facebook and SalesLoft that only support one simultaneously logged in account per browser.

This GIF shows how easily you can switch accounts with Comake.

  1. Open Navigator by clicking the KnowledgeOS extension button or by using the keyboard shortcut (Opt ⌥ Space on a Mac, or Crtl Space on a PC).
  2. Search for "switch" or the account you want to switch to, and press enter.
  3. Done! Notice that the Facebook tab's name changes to match the currently active account.

Many account managers, consultants, and reps need to log in and out various accounts across their various clients' tools. Some of these Apps, (e.g.,,,, do not let you be simultaneously logged into multiple accounts in the same browser. KnowledgeOS lets sandboxes each session so that you can be logged into multiple accounts within the same browser.

Which Apps support Multi-Account?

We support a number of Apps and websites with Multi-Account. You can see the current list of supported websites and Apps in the Comake Store. Click on Create New and then Add a new App. From here you can see a list of categories on the left. Click on "Supports Multi-Account" to see the list of supported Apps and websites.

If you want to request support for an additional App or website, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or via our Discord.

Special Cases: